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2021 Birkdale State School - Grade Prep

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Item Price

A4 Exercise Book 25mm Ruled Writer Premium


A4 Laminating Pouches 100pk 80 micron


Mini Scrapbook Best Buddies 64p


Scrap Book 72p Writer Blue


Colby 327F Polywally Document Wallet


A4 Display Book 40pkt Insert Full Cover


Coloured Pencils Faber Junior Tri-Grip 10's (Thick)


Crayons BIC Plastidecor Triangle 12's (Thick)


Crayons Crayola Twistable 12's


Whiteboard Markers Faber 4pk Connector


Pencil HB Staedtler Tri-Plus Jumbo


Glue Stick 40g UHU White


Blu Tack 75g


Tape 18mm Large Roll (Boys - Masking Tape / Girls Sticky Tape)


Scissors 140mm Osmer R/H


*or* Scissors 140mm LEFT Handed Osmer


MTA Whiteboard / Blackboard 25X35cm


Headphones (No Mic) Osmer


A5 Soft Mesh Pouch (For Headphones)


Birkdale SS Library Bag with Logo


A4 Coloured Paper Trophee Assorted 100's


Carry Over Items / Optional Items

**Book Covering Clear Contact 5m *Optional Extra*


**A4 Book Covers Clear 5pk *Optional Extra*


**Scrapbook Covers Clear 5pk *Optional Extra*


**Book Labels 16pk (Boy Designs) *Optional Extra*


**Book Labels 16pk (Girl Designs) *Optional Extra*


**Laundry Marker 'White' Artline *Optional Extra*


**Marking Pen Black Nikko Name *Optional Extra*




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