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Vienna Woods SS 2024 *unofficial* - Grade 1

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Item Price

Writer Prem Story Book 64p (1/2 Plain / Year 1 Ruled) 'Pineapple'


A4 Exercise Book Year 1 Ruled Writer Premium


Scrapbook Best Buddies Mega 64p (100gsm)


A4 Display Book 20pkt Refillable Assorted


Oil Pastels Small 12's Osmer


Crayons Faber Jumbo Twist 12


Eraser Large Osmer


Glue PVA Washable 125ml Osmer


Glue Stick 35g Bostik


Pencil 2B Faber Junior Grip (Blue)


Coloured Pencils Faber Tri-Grip 12's (Thin)


Whiteboard Marker Black Osmer Bullet Tip


Scissors 140mm Osmer Right Handed


*or* Scissors 140mm LEFT Handed Osmer


Ruler 30cm Wooden


Sharpener 2 Hole Osmer Oval Barrel


Pencil Case Tartan 1 Zip Jumbo 37x26cm Osmer


A4 Copy Paper Ream Perfect Print


Colour Markers Nylorite 12's


Carry Over Items / Optional Items

Headphones with Microphone Shintaro 102M




I am happy with the quantities I have entered above.