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2024 Russell Island State School - Grade 3

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Qld Targeting Handwriting 3


A4 Exercise Book Year 3/4 - 48p Writer Premium


A4 10mm Graph Book 96p Writer 'Hat'


Scrapbook Best Buddies Mega 64p (100gsm)


Document Wallet Poly with Velcro


Coloured Pencils Faber Tri-Grip 12's (Thin)


Colour Markers Nylorite 12's


Highlighter Faber 4pk (Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow)


Pencil HB Osmer Premium *Single*


Eraser Large Faber Dust Free


Glue Stick 40g UHU White


Ruler 30cm Wooden


Scissors 140mm Osmer Right Handed


*or* Scissors 140mm LEFT Handed Osmer


Ear Bud Earphones (with MIC) 3.5mm plug


Earphone Storage Pouch EVA


Recorder Yamaha Descant YRS-24B


Tissues Blossom 2Ply 180's (Now in Pack)


A4 Copy Paper 80gsm Perfect Print (Now In Packs)


School Library Bag (Available for purchase at Uniform Shop)




I am happy with the quantities I have entered above.