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2024 BayView State School - Grade 1

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*Earphone Notice* Newer iPads no longer have an Earphone Jack, and require Earphones with a Type-C or Lighting Connector. Older iPads still have the Mini Jack Connector. Please Check your Device before Ordering to ensure you order earphones suitable for your device.

If new to school, please type NEW in the Current Class field.

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Item Price

A4 Exercise Book 18mm Solid Ruled Writer Premium


A4 Exercise Book Year 1 Ruled Writer Premium


Scrap Book 64p Mega Stone Age


Magazine Holder - Hard Plastic Black


A4 Document Wallet with Button (Assorted)


Crayons Faber Jumbo Twist 12


Oil Pastels Small 12's Osmer


Whiteboard Markers Faber 4pk Connector


Coloured Pencils Micador Colourrush 12's


Highlighter Faber 4pk (Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow)


Pencil HB Faber Goldfaber 1221


Marker Sharpie Fine Pt Black 1.0mm


Eraser Large Faber Dust Free


Glue Stick 35g Bostik BLU [Must have push ON/OFF. This Brand Please - Do Not Label]


Blu Tack 75g Bostik


Ruler 30cm Plastic Clear


Sharpener 2 Hole Maped Shaker


WaterColour Paint Pallet Faber 'Deckfarben'


Pencil Case Tartan 1 Zip Large 34x17cm Osmer


A3 Clear Mesh Pouch


Paint Brush Roymac 1600F Size 10 Flat


A4 Whiteboard (MDF) Double Sided Plain & Dotted Thirds Osmer


A4 Coloured Paper Assorted 100's


Earphones 'Heads Up' with MIC and Storage Pouch **Mini Jack Connector** [*See Note Above*]


Earphones with Mic Shintaro **Type C Connection**


Cardboard Large Sheet (any Colour) [Delivered in Bulk to School]


A4 Copy Paper 80gsm Perfect Print (Now In Packs)


Tissues Blossom 2Ply 180's (Now in Pack)


Carry Over Items / Optional Items

A4 Clipboard Folder PVC


Art Smock Long Sleeve [or Old Shirt from Home]


Scissors 140mm Osmer Right Handed


*or* Scissors 140mm LEFT Handed Osmer


Bay View SS Library Bag - Purchase from the Uniform Shop


**Book Covering Clear Contact 5m *Optional Extra*


**A4 Book Covers Clear 5pk *Optional Extra*


**Scrapbook Covers Clear 5pk *Optional Extra*


**Book Labels 18pk (Assorted Designs) *Optional Extra*


**Laundry Marker 'White' Artline *Optional Extra*


**Marking Pen Black Nikko Name *Optional Extra*




I am happy with the quantities I have entered above.