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2024 Capalaba State College - Grade 12

Select your subjects for the coming year

Core Subjects

*General Stationery Requirements

Elective Subjects

Ancient History (AHS)
Biology (BIO)
Business and/or Business Studies
Cert III in Aviation (AYI)
Cert III in Business (VBU)
Cert III in Fitness (VFT)
Chemistry (CHM)
Dance (DAN) / Dance in Practice (DIP)
Drama (DRA) / Drama in Practice (DRP)
Essential English
Essential Mathematics (MAE)
Film, Television & New Media
General Mathematics (MAG)
Hospitality Practices
Industrial Technology Skills (ISK)
Information & Communications Technology (ICJ)
Mathematical Methods (MAM)
Modern History (MHS)
Music Extension
Music In Practice (MUP)
Partnership Program
Physical Education (PED)
Physics (PHY)
Visual Art (ART) / Visual Arts in Practice (VAP)