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2024 Capalaba State College - Grade 11

Select your subjects for the coming year

Core Subjects

*General Stationery Requirements

Elective Subjects

Ancient History (AHS)
Biology (BIO)
Business and/or Business Studies
Cert III in Aviation (AYI)
Cert III in Business (VBU)
Cert III in Fitness (VFT)
Chemistry (CHM)
Dance (DAN) / Dance in Practice (DIP)
Drama (DRA) / Drama in Practice (DRP)
English (ENG) / Essential English (ENE)
Essential Mathematics (MAE)
Film, Television & New Media / Media Arts in Practice
Food & Nutrition (FNU)
General Mathematics (MAG)
Hospitality Practices
Industrial Technology Skills (ISK)
Mathematical Methods (MAM)
Modern History (MHS)
Music (MUS)
Music In Practice (MUP)
Physical Education (PED)
Physics (PHY)
Visual Art (ART) / Visual Arts in Practice (VAP)